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For Valtech COO, business transformation means agility and access to data

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Most companies — even ones that have thoroughly gone digital — are “organized like the Roman Army.”

So says Olivier Padiou, COO of global digital agency Valtech. Padiou pointed to his own Paris-based company as a model of how an ancient military structure — top general, rows of soldiers in a descending hierarchy — can become something more appropriate to today’s environment, something like highly mobile Special Forces.

Founded in 1993, Valtech began as a tech development/IT services company. In 2009, Padiou and two partners bought the company and began transforming it into a flexible global agency for digital marketing and advertising. It’s now in 16 countries, employing about 2,500.

Padiou specializes in helping his clients with transformation. But he doesn’t call it digital transformation, especially since virtually every company is now digital in at least some respects.

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